(!!! OSL INFO !!!OSL coin will be removed from merged mining on October 10th under dev request) (Triple merged mining beta added) Please connect to one of these coins as your 1st coin (main coin / main pool) : ARQ/WTIP/XTOR. For your 2nd coin select one of these options : IRD/PLE/TTNZ/ELPH/HITC/MTIP. Input 2nd coin Wallet Address in Password field if paymentID format is walletaddress.paymentID. For your 3rd coin select one of the options : BTCH/XCY/MNG/PXL. After your 2nd address add a = then your 3rd coin wallet address example: 2ndcoinwallet=3rdcoinwallet in your password field. If 3rd address uses paymentID format is walletaddress.paymentID example: 2ndcoinwallet=3rdcoinwallet.paymentID

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